07 December 2012

120 Days: The Best Hits

This week is a review of some of my favorite and still unsold paintings from the recent daily painting project, 120 Days of Painting.

One of my favorite themes or subject matter to paint here in Rome are the city's water fountains known as "nasone" for their big nosed spouts.

Oil on Panel
© Kelly Medford

This one is particularly cool, in a big park with 2 Roman aqueducts running through it. This fountain is tucked away in a corner near some trees and often has birds bathing in it.

To see or purchase this painting from the website, click here

Oil on Panel
© Kelly Medford

I had to paint this one before it fell over completely! It was recently removed by the city, so here's a sweet record of its memory.

If you're fascinated by these creatures, click here to read more about their history in Rome.

To see or purchase this painting, click here

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