21 November 2012

Day 37: Borderline Obesseions

I just keep going back for more. Of that field that is. I'm determined to learn more about how to separate my values while painting greens (sounds boring, right?).

Values are the differences between black and white on the gray scale. For me out there in a field with all of that green, it seems to mush together sometimes: a little more yellow here and little lighter and blue there, and on it goes like that.

Oil on Panel
© Kelly Medford, 2012

I just wasn't able to get a good photo today of this one, the thick brushstrokes made a glare that wouldn't quit. 

Since I was thinking about values and wondering how to separate mine more, I took today's painting and turned into a black and white image to see it better.

Here I can see that the tree melds with the background behind it in places. Next time I go out (will it be tomorrow?!) I will keep this in mind. Maybe I can work to overstate the differences and see what happens.

Hey, it's all a work in progress and I know I'm learning something: values!

You can see today's painting here on the website.

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