12 January 2012

Tea Time

Oil on Linen Panel
© Kelly Medford, 2012

The title says it all, more tea! I can't seem to get enough, that and sitting next to any heating device (or in the sun) are my major winter activities. I suffer through winter, just holding my breath until it's over. Good thing I live in Rome where the winter is relatively mild.

So, while drinking one of my many cups of tea, I thought to paint this little gem. Easier said than done.. That green, what is that green?! Painting green man made objects, well it was a good challenge for me. I should paint more objects, I like how still they do sit after getting used to hurrying to capture something while landscape painting, still lives give me the chance to breath, relax and enjoy rather than feeling like I'm racing againt time.

In other news, my new easel has arrived along with the return of the sun, so you can expect some more Roman street scenes to come in the next few weeks (along with still man made objects)

I hope winter is treating you well and that you're drinking less tea than me.

If you like this painting, you can bid on it here 


  1. Great composition Kelly,love the green and how the background compliments it.I have one cup of Earl Grey in the morning and thats it.We've had frost overnight so its quite bitterly cold.

  2. I'm impressed by your discipline of limiting yourself to one cup a day Azra. I on the other hand just get carried away (not the best for holding a steady brush). I really have no right to complain about the cold, Rome is pretty warm compared to the UK right now.. I love that you do a painting a day, that's wonderful and good for you! Thank you for your comment and for coming to the blog, I hope you will keep in touch! Kelly