23 December 2011

Happy Holidays! In Praise of Abundance

Oil on Panel
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

Upon returning to Rome, I was reminded of all that I am thankful for, when the clementine tree was just drooping over the studio shed, loaded with these gorgeous sweet fruits!

It's been a slow transition, as my easel has broken beyond all repair! So while I wait for Santa (aka the post man) to bring me a new shiny one, I've been enjoying cleaning the studio and getting out around town to see what others are up to this time of year. 

The weather is beautiful- clear and sunny, but it is cold, especially after getting used to that Florida sun. Well, I'll take the sun and a little break while I wait for my fabulous new easel.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all of you and may you spend these days relaxing with friends, family and those that are most important to you, enjoying the opportunity to take a break and be grateful.

I wish you blessings, joy and abundance on this holiday season!

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14 December 2011

Bye Bye Florida!

Oil on Panel 
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

I decided to spend my last painting day in a place I really love, New Smyrna Beach. This is such a cool beach town, as someone I met on the road while painting here so eloquently put it, "one of the last Old Florida beaches." 

Not being from Florida, I can't really say how true this is or not, but I can say that this place was quiet and beautiful with the soft ocean breeze blowing through the sleepy streets. People seemed relaxed, walking their dogs, talking to the shopkeepers and having coffee. The downtown is pretty active and the bars open early, my kind of town!

In my usual fashion I drove around with no preconcieved idea of what I wanted to paint and then I found this little side street, Beachway Ave and the light looking toward the beach just seemed to sum it up for me.

As always I really enjoyed my time painting in Florida and look forward to future painting opportunities there. For now I'm back to Rome, where my heart is and inpiration of the eternal city is just calling out to be painted!

05 December 2011

Sum it Up! Ten Minutes of Life Painting in Rome

I am absolutely thrilled to share this with you. 

Below is a video interview given by Moshe Mikanovsky asking me about what I do, why and how. Not easy to answer, but a lot of fun and a great opportunity.

After giving the interview, I was thinking a lot about one of his questions: "What is success?" Good question!

While I stick by my answer given in the interview, I wanted to elaborate, as it is one of the most important questions an artist can ask themselves. 


Success doesn't always have to look like loads of money (although that would be awesome too!), but it's something, an experience that we have of ourselves in relation to our work; a confidence or knowing that I have conveyed what I set out to communicate. And it's compltely personal. One of the hardest parts about answering the question "what is success" is to honestly listen to my voice alone and to not be influenced by other opinions or standards. 

One of my ultimate goals is to really move, touch and inspire people with my work; to create paintings that unite us in our common experience of being human visually. A painting can inspire and evoke the entire range of human emotions and leave the viewer more in touch with what it means to be human. It can also express more profoundly what we aren't always able to say with words (well, only because I'm not a poet..)

This is no small feat, there must be a hundred if not a thousand or million baby steps in between before I can reach my goal. In fact I don't know that I ever will, but I'm willing to go for it. The first step though is learning to master my craft so that I can use it to express my idea fully. Then there is having an idea, but an idea that becomes an exploration and a journey, one that will evolve and take us places. I'm still in the first stage, learning my craft, how to paint, so I don't even know when or how I will get to the next stage, but I am looking forward to embracing whatever may come next.

Click here to watch the video on youtube

02 December 2011

On the Road: Morning at the Kerouac House

Oil on Panel
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

That's right, this one's called On the Road, which was only too appropriate as I had to stand in the middle of the road to paint this one. The across the street neighbor has apparently had her fill of the riff raff that hang out at the house and understandably doesn't want people in her yard oogling the Kerouac house.

This really is a house that Jack Kerouac lived in when On the Road was published and wrote part of Dharma Bums while living here. The house is now a foundation and residency for writers, offering one writer a 3-month period to come and work in solitude. At the end of their residency the writer gives a public reading of their work in the house and everyone hangs out drinking, eating and talking afterwards. I attended a reading of the last resident Beth Raymer, an incredible woman and writer, whose last book has now been turned into a film and will be released next year.

In painting that day I wasn't alone. My friend and legendary Orlando sketch artist Thor was there to draw me while painting. He had his stool, sketchbook and watercolors and away we went, eventually forgetting the dangers of passing cars. No one ran over us in this quiet neighborhood and I'm so happy to have had the chance to capture this legendary home.