24 November 2011

Clouds on Lake Dora

Oil on Linen mounted on panel
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and am I thankful! What painter wouldn't be grateful for the abundance of beauty that offers itself up daily to be painted? And then all of you to share it with.

There is no shortage of things to be grateful for in this world.

This is another painting from the lovely Mt. Dora out on the lake. This was an afternoon painting, done in the soft light during the last few hours of the day. After painting and being so partial to that bright Mediterranean light, it's a relief to the eyes to have a softer view sometimes. The clouds were being so dramatic and moving so quickly while painting this, that I had to make a sort of composite design to try and sum of all of the wonderful formations as they passed before my eyes. My brush and hand can't keep up with the constant movements of nature, but that's part of the beauty and challenge of landscape painting: the attempt to capture a fleeting moment and the opportunity to make it my own.

If you like this painting, it is available here on my website.

A Happy day of giving thanks to all of you!

18 November 2011

Sun on the Dock, Lake Gertrude

Oil on Panel
(c) Kelly Medford 2011

Here's a little painting also painted this week in Mt. Dora that was not entered in the exhibition (each artist could only choose 3 paintings to enter). This was a lovely afternoon on a little lake just on the outskirts of town. After painting in town and talking to the passersby, hearing that cross walk signal beep all morning long and the general noise of traffic, this painting was a much welcome moment of afternoon peace.

There must have been a million little paintings in this town, what to choose? This one caught the attention of friend and fellow painter Susie Covert as we got a little lost just driving around looking for our next painting spot. And what a great spot indeed. I wouldn't mind living on this little lake- each person had their own dock, boat and even little sandy plot of beach. A little piece of heaven.

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16 November 2011

Mt. Dora Mania

Oil on Panel
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

This is one of 3 paintings I will enter in Mt. Dora's exhibition coming up this Friday. 
To get 3 paintings worthy of exhibiting I had to paint at least double that and it was a great and intense 3 days of painting- this town has so much to offer the plein air painter.

We got off on an awkward note, though. As we arrived Sunday evening and set up at the end of a dock overlooking the lake, we hurried as the sun really goes down fast these days. I turned to go and get my canvas, when SPLAAAASH! my easel leg gave way and took a headlong dive straight into the lake! Luckily the box was still closed and my easel is made of wood so it floated a minute before starting to sink and I was able to grab it. No harm done, it all dried off in the setting sun and we set to work.

Finishing up the painting I heard a bit of commotion and turning to see there was an entire wedding procession having the wedding party photographed with the setting sun, it was a great place for a wedding and hopefully they didn't get any under dressed painters in their picture perfect photographs.

It was a funny start to an intense 3 days. We painted lakeside, roadside and even in an alley way, the town was rich with subject matter and I'm looking forward to Friday's exhibition.

If you're in central Florida, I encourage you to come out and join us. The reception will be at Mt. Dora Center for the Arts on 5th Ave from 6 to 8 p.m. Can't wait to see you there!

09 November 2011

White Oak, National Arboretum

Oil on Panel
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

I've been insanely inspired to paint fall and I hope it shows. 

This week I've made several trips to Washington D.C.'s National Arboretum and I just can't seem to get enough. This white oak was such a majestic beauty standing on a hillside and had I had a larger canvas I would have painted the whole rainbow of these standing together along the woods edge.

This day I was particularly lucky, as one of the few staff members and only arborist stopped to watch me paint. He was excited that someone had stopped to paint and was particularly proud because I happened to choose the area that he was responsible for and where he had spent the last year thinning out an exotic invasive Elm. As we talked he told me about the budget cuts at the arboretum allowing them to only maintain 8 full-time staff to keep the grounds, the grounds being approximately 450 acres! I thanked him for their work, they do an amazing job of keeping up the place, it is absolutely gorgeous with a huge variety of gardens, trails and spaces.

I don't think I'd ever even been here, or maybe when I was little, but have no recollection of it. As I was painting I saw something orange moving around and thought it was some fall oak leaves blowing around. But then I heard a noise. I stopped to look a little closer and sure enough there were 4 foxes running through the clearning and then they dissappeared into the woods. I was so awed that I just stood there, hoping they would come back so I could see them again, they were beautiful. I'd never seen a fox before, much less 4 running together. What a marvelous day.

It's days like these that I love my job, my exsistence and know I'm doing what I love, hoping to provide something in return for those who enjoy my work. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but am I grateful. Having the opportunity to spend my days outside painting is a dream come true, I hope it lasts indefinitely!

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04 November 2011

Fall Colors

Oil on Canvas Panel
(c) 2011, Kelly Medford

I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to paint the fall colors this year. The choices are almost overwhelming- everywhere I turn it's color, color and more color!

I don't have a lot of experience painting these fall colors, but they do seem to require a bit of reckless abandon, at least that's my way of thinking about it. While the light is always changing outside, the colors seem to be changing as well. There are spots of bright that jump out when I didn't seem them before and it got me all excited while painting.

This is a gorgeous botanical garden in surburban Maryland which I found thanks to a friend's recommendation. It was hard to choose a spot, but I was so attracted to the big reds, yellows and greens, that I went for this tall stand of trees.

Fall this year, at least in Washington, D.C. is truly spectacular and I'm honored to have the chance to try my hand at it.

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