16 November 2011

Mt. Dora Mania

Oil on Panel
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

This is one of 3 paintings I will enter in Mt. Dora's exhibition coming up this Friday. 
To get 3 paintings worthy of exhibiting I had to paint at least double that and it was a great and intense 3 days of painting- this town has so much to offer the plein air painter.

We got off on an awkward note, though. As we arrived Sunday evening and set up at the end of a dock overlooking the lake, we hurried as the sun really goes down fast these days. I turned to go and get my canvas, when SPLAAAASH! my easel leg gave way and took a headlong dive straight into the lake! Luckily the box was still closed and my easel is made of wood so it floated a minute before starting to sink and I was able to grab it. No harm done, it all dried off in the setting sun and we set to work.

Finishing up the painting I heard a bit of commotion and turning to see there was an entire wedding procession having the wedding party photographed with the setting sun, it was a great place for a wedding and hopefully they didn't get any under dressed painters in their picture perfect photographs.

It was a funny start to an intense 3 days. We painted lakeside, roadside and even in an alley way, the town was rich with subject matter and I'm looking forward to Friday's exhibition.

If you're in central Florida, I encourage you to come out and join us. The reception will be at Mt. Dora Center for the Arts on 5th Ave from 6 to 8 p.m. Can't wait to see you there!

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