12 October 2011

Mayport Tower

Oil on Linen mounted on panel
(c) Kelly Medford, 2011

This is such a sweet little gem of a place, a jetty or narrow little piece of sand heading out into some body of water right next to a cargo port. After the paintout was all said and done, I wasn't quite ready to leave, so I stayed an extra day and went here to paint in the morning.

This place is just dotted with locals either fishing or shrimping, wading out into the water with their tall rubber boots and casting their nets. They must do pretty well as it seems to be the hot local fishing spot. I of course did not have my fishing pole (should have though!), so I set up my easel to paint this little tower along the waterway instead.

Since I was next to a port, there was a light stream of immense cargo ships that were going by. I really wish  I had caught one of those on canvas, but it was just so out of place and dominating the landscape (not to mention that they move fast). They're incredible, a little bit out of this world. They must be as tall as any skyscraper and they glide by silently, loaded with bright colored boxes like a floating Mondrian. 

I had such a full and energizing week of painting, I can't wait for the next paintout. I might just have to organize my own in Rome.

Who wants to join??

If you like this painting you can bid on it here at my Daily Paintworks site.

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