27 July 2010

Variety, The Spice of Life!

Weeds in a Vase, oil on panel 10x8"

Today I thought I really needed to do something different, and here it is, and it was refreshing!
I knew I felt like painting some flowers, so I set off into the yard thinking I would find something picturesque. Well, since there weren't any lilies to be had, I thought that these yellow weeds against a dark background and a few splashes of pink would do the job just fine.
As in the past I found this to be more challenging than my idealized thought about it, no light fun really, but a good change of pace after Alaska studio paintings.
I did take too many breaks and get side tracked today. For some reason I thought that this would be quick and simple, which just wasn't the case. Instead I got really challenged by the constantly moving leaves and flowers, but stuck with my one day sketch of the beauties.
I liked the blue and the vibrant contrast between it and the yellow, that is what kept me interested in the painting along with the cool reflections in the glass.
Flowers, always a good exercise and today a much needed change.

19 July 2010

Work In Progress

Out on Homer Spit, oil on canvas 14x21"

Here's another Alaska painting I'm working on in the studio. It's funny, but the initial sketch was a flop really, but I just loved the space and mood of this place, so I thought to go ahead and go for it and make a painting of it anyway. The sketch still has good information and I know that I want a sort of gray mood with a big sky, so away I go.
This studio painting thing is pretty new to me and I'm finding it more fun than I imagined. It's giving me more freedom to experiment with creating mood and design. It is a challenge, but challenge is good, it's what there is to do when trying to take my work to the next level. In some ways (especially with the sky) I feel more free to make bigger brush strokes and just open to seeing what happens. Maybe I should be painting with that attitude all the time!

I've set this painting aside for the day to start on another larger one and let this one sink in, thinking about where to go from here with it. Stayed tuned, more Alaska to come (I'm not over Alaska just yet...)

07 July 2010

Almost, but not quite...!

Midnight on the Nenana oil on canvas 15x20"

This one is almost finished, but not quite. It's gone through a few stages and I have as well with fits and spurts of excitement and excited brushwork and then lulls where I got stuck and wasn't sure how to proceed. It's almost there though. I'll let it rest a few days and then come back and do what I think it needs (which I can't figure out just at this moment) to be finished.
In the meantime I'm going to work on some other Alaska paintings.
Any impressions are more than welcome, you all have different eyes that are most welcome! Feel free to leave your thoughts or comments about this painting.

01 July 2010

Painting in Alaska

For today I just want to post this painting, it's my favorite one and I painted it at midnight on the "beach" along the Nenana river at the education center the night before I was leaving. So even though it has sentimental value to me, I also think it's one of the stronger paintings that came closer to capturing the moment for me. The clouds were moving constantly and it began to rain while painting this, so I felt in a hurry. But more than in a hurry I was really inspired to capture the silent beauty of this place in that moment.
Today I couldn't think about painting Florida, I'm still thinking about those sky, mountains and braided streams running through Alaska, so I stretched up some bigger canvases and set to work turning some studies into more finished paintings. This should be interesting, as I have only a little experience making bigger paintings from studies, but I want to get to it immediately while the landscape is still fresh in my mind.